Hi again!

We started this family business years ago and we had a whole “season” of great beauty and success, warm relationships with our vendors and customers alike…the ups and downs of the economy and of course the never ending learning curve of taking pics of jewelry. Bah!!! That was probably the biggest challenge.

THEN, we put the business to rest for a few years because we felt led to do so and I thought I had an opportunity that was too good to be true in marketing. What I didn’t realize was, it had a big dose of futility in it and I couldn’t lead in establishing the heart of that business. I found business motivated purely by profit to be vapid.

After prayer and careful consideration, mixed with a lot of courage, we’ve decided to plant ourselves into Season TWO of the Fresh Jewelry business. We’ve pruned away a lot of the inventory and practices we had before that were good, but not great…and we’re starting FRESH (haha). I feel so compelled to work directly with the public instead of spending the bulk of my time selling wholesale or “B2B”. I want to interact with the people who are giving and wearing Fresh personally…either face to face or via the internet. I want to be, genuinely, “The Face of Fresh”. So I am dedicated to answering every message and to giving custom care for your order. I’m gettin’ personal!

In order to actually DO that, we are building this new website and that’s the mucky part for me. It’s so hard to get website construction and loading inventory onto the top of the list! But I’m determined to finish by the end of Q1. So if you’re my friend out there, encourage me and hold me to it!!! We rested, pruned and now we’re ready to bloom again. I like to think Fresh Jewelry will be more beautiful and lush than ever before and more importantly, we’ll be directly connected with our customers.

Please give us personal feedback on the site and help us tell the world our story about conveying beauty with genuine kindness and rich, creative colors and shapes. There is no manufactured color out there that can match the color of a real flower! It is truly natural beauty that you can wear around every day.

My Name is Jen Bristow, but my friends call me Jenny Fresh! You can, too.

Jennifer Bristow