Work of the HeART

Building a beautiful business is a work of the heART.  It takes a kind of focus and dedication that goes beyond the swap of money for product or the systematic marketing that many employ.  Twelve years ago we began Fresh Jewelry Company, originally Ragamuffin Jewelry LLC, and we made the most wonderful friendships while learning the ins and outs of manufacturing and importing to the USA.  Minutia wore us down and a big consulting job came calling with promises of great riches and fame.  So...we put Fresh down for a few years.  The only thing was that after a year of chasing corporate elegance I became wildly bored and disenchanted with the ruthless elbows that surrounded me.  I learned, in my excursion, that a family owned business of the heART is where it's at for me.  The delight of opening a fresh order delivered from Mexico, and the genuine relationships I have with my customers and vendors is worth a dozen bored meetings :) and a place at the table of business pride.  If you knew the gardeners we work with and the hugs and shouts of welcome that accompany our work you would jump on board with your own specialized gift and create a "family" business...a family that includes all the people you work with and a happy dance at the end of the day.  I'll write, over time, about the people and the heART of Fresh Jewelry Company, and then you will know what you're paying for when you purchase our "real flowers in sterling silver jewelry"...real artisan talent, boxed with integrity.  Stay tuned for post #2.