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The Bristow Story

The dream of working side by side and creating beautiful experiences for our customers started with our first business venture together, Ragamuffin Coffee House.  The Ragamuffin had gusto and great coffee, not to mention comfy beauty.  Our customers were king and our coffee was smooth and delicious. We added retail, including jewelry, to our Ragamuffin offerings in 2005.  

Wanting to be original, we started jewelry design and manufacturing adventures to Mexico alongside the routine of steamed milk and morning salutes to a population of about 70% women, all of whom were interested in beautiful and unique jewelry pieces to enjoy and give to each other.  One thing led to another, and our sterling silver imports from the little, Mexican mining town evolved into our own custom made pieces. For example, we place real, vibrant flowers into sterling silver jewelry frames for our most popular Fresh Jewelry line.  

The coffee house is long gone, but the heart of our business remains the same:  serving people genuinely and offering up products from that come straight from our creative hearts and convey compelling beauty,   We hope you enjoy our business as much as we do, and visit us often!   JEN and TROY BRISTOW